Entry #4

Return to Dunn - Episode 2 soon

2009-03-22 17:25:00 by CPLharrier

Well Matt's slogging his way through the next episode of Tactical Directive script wise, if you've been sticking with it so far you'll know that theres a lot to come and trust me there is. I've been given the low down on whats to come and I must say I didn't expect alot of it. So stay tuned! Thankfully Matt's left it until after cold season so I reckon my throat should be fine for the Dunn voice come recording time. It's to my understanding that I have a lot more to say this time round so I'm putting more work into the voice than last time, practising it in different tones and pitches as well as getting a friend to help me with line recordings so theres less static. It's not easy getting it right first time after so much time but I've remastered the accent so all is well. I hope Matt put's some British terms into it this time round, might give Dunn abit more depth. Anyway! Tactical Directive will be returning much much later on in the year, possibly next I don't know, its still a ways off, but I'm pretty primed and eager to sink back into Dunn for another TD outing :D


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